* Research and reclaim the names of all the people who are buried in unmarked graves within Pine Grove Cemetery in Westborough. Many hundreds were people committed to Westborough State Hospital wards when they died.

* Fundraise in order to build the memorial.

* Raise public awareness about these forgotten souls and our efforts to in some small measure, finally afford these people the dignity they deserve.

* Hold a well-publicized memorial ceremony that will acknowledge each individual buried in the Potters field and unveil the new memorial.


The committee is open to everyone in the community.


* Donations will be solely for the purpose of funding the creation of a memorial that will list the names of over 400 individuals interred within the Pine Grove Cemetery who have gone unnamed and unacknowledged for decades.

* Once the goal of creating the memorial is realized, the Westborough State Hospital Cemetery Memorial Project Committee will organize and hold a well-publicized memorial ceremony where the new memorial is unveiled and will include acknowledgement of the individuals buried in the unmarked Potter’s field.